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September 17, 2010


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Denese Bottrell

Its a Luv Thing has always been my sure-thing, go-to store for gifts. But, I didn't know your story until now. I luv it and your line of 10 Tees to Change the World. I'm glad to see you using social media to spread your vision. You have such a good thing going, it's a shame to keep it from the rest of the world :) I'm looking forward to my next trip to CA to see the tees.....(I'm a big fan - just realized I'm sitting here writing this in my Its a Luv Thing camo cap with heart on it!)

Donna Pinto

Kami, you are pure love....pure inspiration! Thank you for sharing your story and blessing the world with your heart. Namaste, Donna

It's a Luv Thing

Thank you so much xoxo. If anyone who lives far away wants a tee they can buy them online too <3

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